Field Experience

As part of my MLIS program, I did field work at the William R. Satz Middle School's library. During that semester, I formed the school's first-ever group of Student Library Volunteers, who helped with many projects, including the following tasks:

  • reorganizing and weeding portions of the collection
  • creating a display section of new materials and graphic novels
  • developing and deploying new signage

I created a multi-year action plan for redeveloping the library space within the annual budget of the library. Working with the Destiny cataloging system, I ordered materials, ran reports on the collection for analysis purposes, and began to curate several Destiny Collections of open educational resources, sites, and tools that could help students and faculty pursue various interests and projects. I delivered instruction to students on a variety of library resources and features to help students better utilize their time and the available materials. I also assisted with an author visit from Tom Rogers after the school's first-ever One School, One Read of the novel Eleven.

The Student Library Volunteers became a regular fixture in the library!

Collection analysis reports helped identify areas in need of weeding and refreshing.

I delivered lessons to students on several aspects of the library and its operation, including use of the online catalog.

Working with the Student Library Volunteers, we established and decorated a new display area. The area included a section for verse novels (left), a "New Stuff" section (center), and a new home for graphic novels (right).

Some Weeded Titles

Some of the signage designed by the Student Library Volunteers. We recycled weeded books to become the backboards for the new signage.

Author Visit: Tom Rogers, Eleven