Let's End Literacy Shaming!

PSA 1: Stop Literacy Shaming - Genre & Level

PSA 2: Stop Literacy Shaming - Adult Expectations

PSA 3: Stop Literacy Shaming: "Boy books" and "Girl books"

School Librarians United Podcast

Episode 61: "Let's End Literacy Shaming" - I had the great good fortune to chat with Amy Hermon on her wonderful podcast. We went in-depth into the idea of literacy shaming, and how school librarians, teachers, and adults can help students find their intrinsic reading motivation by encouraging, rather than discouraging, their reading choices.

Presentation: "Choice, Voice and Supporting Student Literacy" (with an emphasis on preventing literacy shaming!)

Choice, Voice, and Supporting Student Literacy

Read the original blog post for AASL's Knowledge Quest site!

I also wrote about ending literacy shaming for School Library Connection. This piece appeared in the Nov/Dec 2019 print issue, as well as in their online edition.

School Library Connection | End Literacy Shaming.pdf