The Author

Devon Chessher was born in simple Searcy, Arkansas to a beautiful and extraordinary mother. His facile beginnings would become the foundation for a life spent reaching for the clouds. Mostly groomed in Clearwater, Florida, Devon would rise through the ranks of his endeavors, proving there is more than meets the monocle with this one. Since he was old enough to deal fatal combos in Killer Instinct (SNES), he has been mesmerized by the influence fantasy can sway in people's imagination.

As his Irish lineage and name would foretell, Devon began writing for self entertainment and soon developed into a hopeless poet bent on swooning women into his arms. Alas, after years of pathetic entendres and phased follies, poetry's fluttering embrace diminished, but the Words of Power never left his conscious.

After high school, Devon matriculated at Saint Petersburg College and discovered a deep fascination for physics and chemistry; so much that he set his sights on becoming an Engineer. Before finishing his stay at community college, Devon took a series of writing courses proctored by a one, Edward "Ned" Johnson, and his passion for crafting stories reignited. By instruction of his professor, Devon entered into a writing competition held locally in Tarpon Springs and to his surprise, he became a Dr. Karen Pelz Award winner for Top Ten Fiction Writers.

He now works for an Aerospace company conducting R&D for air-data computers, pitot-static probes, angle of attack vanes, and stall warning transmitters. Although his work siphons far too much of his daily allotment, his excess time is spent pursing his passion, Writing. Many years have passed in subdued bliss, but after a series of fantastically induced dreams, he discovered an entire Universe unfolding itself in his mind. No longer able to contain its grandeur, he set to put this World on paper and share its glory with those that are starving for an immersion. To that aim, the Guardians of the Nexus series was wrought.

With every passing week, Devon toils on his debut novel, crafting every aspect in an attempt to capture an audience of fanatic readers. You may also notice his minuscule presence on Reddit's r/Fantasy (u/db_chessher), observing and plotting his inevitable release.

D.B. Chessher