Character Concepts

Rhemar of the Immortal Flame

Name: Rhemar

PoB: Kandem

Age: 32

Occupation: Hunter

Proficiency: Fire, Earth, Shade

Interests: Physics, Puzzles, Food, Beer

He shall not falter in the face of doom. He will not cower from the hordes of flesh-eating monsters. This hunter will find his prey and seek their vitals. He will take position and, with unyielding resolve, unleash the power of God onto his target. Forging favor will only stall the inevitable. The tides of evil will flood the land and rot its people with visceral decay. With a guardian's enhancement, Rhemar might stand a chance of ridding the world from the maw of Kyros.

Rhemar is the center protagonist in Guardians of the Nexus and will develop a strong affinity for the magical persuasion as he treks through the throngs of Nazar.

Marcus - The Kirillian Shapeshifter

Name: Marcus

PoB: Bahrii

Age: 127

Occupation: Biologist

Proficiency: Shapeshifter

Interests: Music, Animals, Intercourse

Marcus is a shapeshifter that studies and mimics the biological processes of various organisms found around the planet. He is hopelessly addicted to intercourse and does not confine his courting to a single species. Yes, Marcus is omnisexual, meaning he enjoys all flavors and does not turn down a sure thing. He comes from the hedonistic island of Kirill, where their cavorting religion keeps them young and healthy through the exchange of majin or life-force. This exchange allows the Kirillians to stop the aging process and makes them practically immortal.

His main fascination focuses on the proper documentation and cataloging of species that have rarely been seen. To feed his curiosity, Marcus sets out from his home island to discover what creatures lay beyond his imagination...ones that he can mingle with. At the end of the day, Marcus is a passionate biologist and a cultured womanizer that rapidly ages when he misses his daily prescription.

Cato - The Ventosi Wind Shaman

Name: Cato

PoB: Ventos

Age: 20

Occupation: Monk

Proficiency: Wind Manipulation

Interests: Tools, Architecture, Myths

Cato comes from a long line of wind shamans that hold residence on a floating island known as Ventos. Located in the Perci Mountains, the Ventosi wind shamans are known for their exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills along with a key attribute not found anywhere else in the Sevenhand kingdoms, wind manipulation. They have the ability to control and bend air streams using their majin and focus.

“Hair deeper red than blood of fresh slaughter. Skin newly tanned where sunbeams have not bleached my path for days. Eyes glazed with quicksilver, like coined mirrors reflecting your soul. When he spoke, the air left my lungs, gathered across my back, and inched me nearer. I met a cursed angel, one that lives among the ever-changing clouds and spectates the tides of war. I am certain and will speak no more of it, for the Wind is always listening and their ears know its whispering tongue.”

Lysandra - The Frost Witch

Name: Lysandra

PoB: Sabine

Age: 25

Occupation: President, Bank of Sabine

Proficiency: Ice

Interests: Art, Currency, Clothes

Lysandra is the daughter of a prominent bank owner that died when she was 18, leaving her in charge of the Bank of Sabine. Despite what her father's peers thought, Lysandra became a tycoon in the banking industry, acquiring all other financial establishments in the area and effectively becoming the only monetary institution in Sabine. When her board-members discover she's a majin user, they oust her from the bank and attempt to take her life. Fearing for her safety, she is now on the run from corporate assassins. Lysandra flees the city and ventures to find someone that can teach her how to harness her power so that she can retake her position and eliminate the money-hungry monsters of Sabine.

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