Book 1: The Immortal Flame

Rhemar is an ex-mage that left his spellbound life and took residence in a small town as a local hunter. His shots always hit their mark and he's gained some renown for being an expert marksman. During one of his expeditions, he is visited by a celestial guardian that calls itself Ashua. This stellar sentinel warns Rhemar of his village's impending doom and tells him there is nothing he can do to stop it. Rhemar returns to find his home in ruins. Everyone he knew was massacred. The guardian appears to him once more and tells him the source of the disaster and offers Rhemar assistance: a scintillating core of pure majin. Ashua calls it the Seed of the Immortal Flame; the codex blueprint that contains the power to revive the Creator. Rhemar accepts the guardian's gift and begins the his hunt for the man that destroyed his home. Lucan, a corrupted guardian homunculus experiment, destroys the small town in search of the seed but fails to retrieve it. The demonic murderer continues his search, and moves on to the next city.

Fueled by revenge, Rhemar seeks the man that destroyed his life and will scour the Sevenhand kingdoms to find justice. Along his journey, Rhemar will conquer demons, defend the Silverhand kingdom from a hoard of summoned mutants, swoon the Silver princess, traverse mountain peaks of Garza, discover a secret temple, befriend a Ventosi wind shaman, navigate a benevolent labyrinth with a Kirillian shapeshifter, congress with the Edenhand King, receive a favor from a magical deity-tree, save a troupe of mercenaries, overthrow a fortress usurped by a Wynt'rs Frost Giant, rebuild a city, and be thrown in a magic-cancelling prison. His adventures will be arduous, but the comrades and experience he'll gain on this voyage will change his perspective on life and thrust him into a role he would never imagine.

Book 2: Battle for Nazar

The second book picks up right where the first ends (only a couple of weeks pass in between). The gang continues their voyage and gains some new comrades as they trek across Nazar in search of "ancient relics." They will confront new dangers, discover secret plots, gain access to the Fortress City, witness true beauty, meet the "King of the Free-folk," be attacked by an ancient monster, get stranded on an exotic island with a secret power hidden, and battle Rhemar's arch nemesis, Lucan, in this action-packed novel for the ages.

Book 3: The Sevenhand Kings

Can't go into details without giving away too much. The gang has to assemble the Sevenhand Kings of Nazar to battle the "End of Days" evil entity. Even with the Sevenhand Kings and Rhemar's gang of BAMFs, their power won't be enough to stop this impending Armageddon.

Current WIP: Book 1 - The Immortal Flame & Cato's Adventure Vol. 1- Windwalker

Book 1 - The Immortal Flame

I've finished up to Chapter 13 in The Immortal Flame and completed first half of Chapter 14 - Forbidden Trials. Will be releasing this chapter on my Patreon soon!

Updated (September 19, 2018)

Windwalker - Cato's Adventure (postponed)

This is a story about the Ventosi wind shamans, particularly Cato, a main character in GotN. Cato leaves Ventos after he has a dream-vision of the Wind God, Gobu, and receives instructions to gather an ancient relic that will aid in the war to come. Cato makes way his toward the Garza Mountains where the secret temple, Seneca, resides. This journey will take him several years and this first edition of the Cato short-story series covers a segment of that voyage.

Cato will plummet into a full adventure where he thwarts bandits, feels the grief of taking life, is imprisoned by a demonic society, escapes with monsters on his trails, and battles the sinister Shadowhand King. His journey is just beginning.