This Universe harnesses the power of The Creator and allows sentient beings to perform magic, called Majin. Some people/entities can harness this magic with a primal instinct and manifest it to their desire. But at the root of all Majin are words of power which, when assembled, can produce an infinite array of spells. These words of power however are not "All powerful," they require natural resources in order to manipulate them. Need a lake or moisture in the air to perform water magic; the more resources available, the easier to cast spells of that affinity. There is kinetic magic that only uses pure majin to conduct spells. Conjuring is separate beast. To conjure a creature, the magician must link their majin to its core and provide a constant flow of energy.

The most proficient of the Majin users are (of course) the Immortal Flames. They use Majin on a nearly exclusive "word of power" basis, whereas other characters simply harness and channel Majin tendencies through their own adaptations (this is explained in the story, basically words of power are incomprehensible to normal folk, but we're not normal so we get a backstage glimpse at what Rhemar and other Majin users are casting). These words of power are derived from Latin roots with modified or altered prefixes/suffixes, which some of you will recognize and begin to formulate on your own. I see this as an opportunity for you to create your own spells that aid in your journey through this Universe.

Below are the currently concocted words of power and their translations so that you can start creating your own unique and super-overpowered Incantations! With potentially seven categories and over 120 incantations, there are over 1 million spell combinations!

How to Cast a Spell

Here's how the incantation structure works, the caster selects a word of power from each category (the first 2 are essential and mandatory for spell creation, whereas 3 - 7 can be forgone and deferred to a "default" setting*):

1. Base Element (if no element is desired, pure Kinetic energy should be the spell's base)

2. Structure (a spell cannot take form without a structure modifier like laser, shield, summon, etc.)

2.5 Summon Structure (when summon structure is used, an additional structure incantation is needed to form the spell properly)**

3. Modifier (default setting: none. Example: increased Power or Speed, Poison, etc.)

4. Multiplier (default setting: 1. A caster may want to cast multiple iterations of a single spell)***

5. Duration (CHANGED: duration is no longer part of the incantation. It is now based on how long the caster is willing to provide mana for the spell to continue)

6. Intensity (default setting: 1, but a caster can select an intensity of 0, if desired)

7. Range (default setting: single/individual casting range )

*Note: there are certain spells that are exception to these rules and don't follow the defined structure and posses a unique word of power. Examples include lock-picking, mending, night vision, invisibility, etc. In the case of these "Generic" or "Special" spells, the only additional requirement is that you state an Intensity or power level. Also, the sequence of the incantation can be set in any order you wish. Selecting the Element can be first, midway, or last (whatever feels right for you).

**Note: there are 3-tiers of summoning, each progressively stronger. When casting a summon, a "Summon Structure" is needed to specify what form the summon will take. These can be found under the "Summon I, II, or III" list.

***Note: when using the multiplier modifier, a caster can use more than just one. In the case of using Tribus and Decem the result would be a 3x10 mulitplier (or 30). Caution, this could drain all your majin and/or kill you from overdepletion. Watch your majin levels.



Blood (Sanguis)

Crystal (Vitreus)

Earth (Lutum)

Electricity (Fulgur)

Fire (Ignis)

Ice (Gelida)

Kinetic (Iritus)

Lava (Fusilia)

Light (Lux)

Metal (Ferro)

Nature (Terra)

Shade (Umbra)

Water (Lacus)

Wind (Ventus)


Aura (Haeram)

Arrow (Sagitta)

Bolt (Pessulum)

Bomb (Crepitus)

Breath (Pirare)

Bridge (Pontem)

Bullet (Iecto)

Construct (Erigo)

Dismantle (Attero)

Illusion (Agini)

Laser (Trabem)

Meteor (Teorum)

Rain (Pluviam)

Shield (Clipeum)

Sphere (Sphaera)

Spikes (Spica)

Stairs (Tribunalis)

Summon (Ocavit)

Tomb (Sepulcrum)

Tornado (Turbinis)

Vortex (Spiralis)

Wall (Murus)

Weapon (Telum)

Web (Sericum)

Summon I

Bat (Chiroptera)

Bear (Ursa)

Beetle (Scarabaeus)

Elephant (Phantus)

Hawk (Avem)

Horse (Equus)

Hornet (Vespa)

Lion (Le'onx)

Lizard (Lacerta)

Monkey (Simius)

Ox (Bovis)

Rat (Rodentia)

Shark (Pistrix)

Snake (Vipera)

Spider (Aranea)

Stag (Cervum)

Tortoise (Chelys)

Whale (Caetus)

Wolf (Lupin)

Summon II

Banshee (Ululo)

Centaur (Taurus)

Cerberus (Canis)

Chimera (Maeram)

Demon (Daemon)

Elemental (Natura)

Gargoyle (Irvikuva)

Giant (Gigas)

Goblin (Cobalus)

Golem (Ecifigia)

Mermaid (Syreni)

Orc (Imprimir)

Minotaur (Notauro)

Werewolf (Notuum)

Summon III

Angel (Lucifer)

Dragon (Drahgo)

Harpy (Arpyia)

Hydra (Ceterum)

Kong (Catus)

Kraken (Lolligo)

Mammoth (Ammoath)

Emperor Scorpion (Nepaar)

Sphinx (Giza)

Titancobra (Naga)


None (Nemo) - def.

Absorb (Sorbere)

Burning (Incendium)

Calm (Sabit)

Confusion (Perdant)

Corrosion (Erugo)

Curse (Congessit)

Deflect (Lectere)

Freeze (Tarda)

Heal (Salutum)

Poison (Venenum)

Paralyze (Pedien)

Armor+ (Armium)

Armor- (Armilis)

Damage+ (Damnum)

Damage- (Damnilis)

Fortify+ (Munitium)

Fortify- (Muniticol)

Power+ (Imperium)

Power- (Imperilis)

Rage+ (Iras)

Rage- (Irol)

Regen+ (Vivificas)

Regen- (Vivificol)

Speed+ (Celeritas)

Speed- (Celeritol)


x1 (Unum) - def.

x2 (Duo)

x3 (Tribus)

x4 (Quattuor)

x5 (Quinque)

x6 (Sede)

x7 (Septem)

x8 (Octo)

x9 (Novem)

x10 (Decem)


1 sec (Harenae) - def.

10 sec (Postea)

1 min (Petram)

1 hour (Hora)

1 day (Copulus)


x0 (Etiam)

x1 (Cicer) - def.

x2 (Amnis)

x3 (Flumen)

x4 (Montis)

x5 (Magna)


Single (Parvus) - def.

Small Group (Coetus)

Large Group (Civitas)


Lock-pick (Clausa)

Mend (Emantur)

Mind Read (Animo)

Silence (Silentium)

Night Vision (Noctis)

Invisible (Sibilia)

Translate (Ferendum)

Levitate (Natet)

Location (Locus)


Cancel (Et Conlidam)

Dual Cast (Conjectus)

Familiar (Nota Bestia)

Fly (Volant)

Gravity (Gravitas)

Invincible (Invicta)

Mind Control (Rectio)

Morph (Subcinctus)

Teleport (Lanuae)

Time (Aetas)