Here are the currently released chapters from Guardians of the Nexus

I have not released the first 7 chapters. I am holding them ransom because there are some major changes that I want to make before anyone gets a peak. This will ensure the book's beginning aligns to the greater overall story for a more solid foundation to build upon. This means the first available chapter takes place after Rhemar councils with a celestial guardian, obtains the Seed of the Immortal Flame, loses his home to a massacring homunculus, is possessed by demons, becomes a member of the notorious Silverhand court, battles a demonic summoner (aka mutant necromancer) and fails to save the Silverhand Kingdom from its bloody demise. Where you get to start, Rhemar is hunting for revenge and traveling towards the next arc in the story. Think of it as an epic, where you begin smack dab in the middle of a scene and are discovering aspects of the past that have yet to be revealed (do not worry, final product will refrain from this format).

Sorry if that's a deal-breaker, but let me assure you: starting with chapter 8 (super-rough draft) and continuing into the remaining chapters (less-rough drafts), you'll be entertained and hooked with the action, characters, and dialogue. What's available is a fresh start to the next arc, traveling through scenic mountains where Rhemar rekindles his craving for adventure and stumbles into an unlikely alliance with a god-touched wind shaman.