D.B. Chessher

People crave stories filled with genuine action and a calling for something greater. Stories that aren’t encumbered by overly described specks of sand. I believe people want a story that will let their imagination explode by creating unique universes under their control. A place where suspense and surprises have your heart pumping adrenaline, causing that throbbing pulse behind your eyes; where you’re almost scared to turn the page yet can't resist. A place where you discover what’s truly mesmerizing isn’t that novel, hip story someone else has laid out for you, but what your own ambitions and fears have created. I bore care of my utmost will into fashioning a story that excites the reader with adventure, mystique, humor, and twists on classic motifs. I'm writing this to support the vision of creating a universe within every reader, where the story’s limits are bound only by your imagination.

A Tremendous Thank You to my readers and my dearest friends for the lifting support and recognition that has encouraged me to continue writing. I hope you all enjoy this voyage.

Until we dream again, keep your eyes on the cosmos,

- D.B. Chessher