The Sevenhand Kingdoms

1. Ulrich - Ruled by the Silverhand King, Albion.

Ulrich is located in the South region of Nazar atop a massive plateau. Albion is the richest of all kings and holds power the Bay of Kings, Silver Vein Straits, and the Silverhand Pass. This kingdom has never been overthrown and boasts the fruits of nutritious lands every harvest. Ulrich also offers aid to the free-folk that inhabit the Southeast region (a region that has no kingdom).

2. Tyro - Ruled by the Firehand King, Yusha.

Tyro holds domain over the Central region of Nazar where the renaissance city of Sabine is located. Also is regarded for connecting the kingdoms with the Scorched Road, where merchants and travelers use to traverse across Nazar. Home to the Colosseum where free men fight to win favor and riches.

3. Asco - Ruled by the Edenhand King, Cicero.

Asco is located in the Southwest region, deep within the Dun'gaal Forest. This is where the mythical Sheni Kah'ra (a magical tree) resides. The Asconians are an ancient race evolved from wolves that fed on the fruit of the Sheni Kah'ra. These Lycanos are a fierce race that holds loyalty to their own above all else.

4. Valanok - Ruled by the Lightninghand King, Dion.

Valanok is the kingdom located in the Northwest region. Nested between two mountains, this fortress kingdom is partially carved into the sides of the mountains. Dion was the prince of Val'Anok until he took the throne, after his sister murdered the previous king. Think of these people as a "Viking-esk" race.

5. Rhodes - Ruled by the Frosthand King, Thros.

Rhodes is the kingdom in the North where temperatures are below freezing 90% of the year. The Balcor Caves runs along the length of the northern region and allows the Rhodarins to be protected from the sheer environment when traveling.

6. Cao'qin - Ruled by the Shadowhand King, Quixan.

This kingdom is self-segregated from the rest of the world. Cao'qin is surrounded by three massive mountains (that use to be a single mountain called Cyrol) and filled with a demonic mist that enshrouds the land. Quixan is a possessed king whom creates the mist that keeps the people alive for over a hundred years. This mist slowly siphons the citizens' souls and feeds Quixan. Once the civilians' souls are drained completely, they become part of the mist.

7. Denbu - Ruled by the Floodhand King, Byre.

Denbu is an underwater kingdom that resides inside a trench in the southern-most sea. This place is inhabited by a type of serpent-fish people and they patrol the vast oceans of Nazar. The Dunbuians pray to and are protected by Mestis, the deity of the oceans.