Creative Danube through joining the higher education staff in built environment & spatial development

1st Joint Staff Training event within the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership DANUBIAN SMCs, 11-13th March 2020


Our first activity was held in Krems at Danube University Krems  as developed i a blend format due the covid19 pandemic situation.

Despite all the complications, teams of the universities from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Budapest and Krems have gathered at the Danube University Krems for the Joint Staff Training Event and team from Bucharest, Viena and Bratislava joined online.  Preliminary agenda.

This first short-term joint staff training event aims at connecting university staff of the participating organizations in an exchange of experiences, which will include elaboration of the teaching methods and formats in the field of inclusive development in small and medium-sized Danubian cities, lead to achieving new theoretical methods and guidelines through an innovative and cross-disciplinary body of knowledge and make it possible to adapt to the complex changes in the actual post-industrial SMCs along Danube. According to their profile, participants will acquire an active role in developing their educational resources using intelligent methodologies and formats. This collaborative process of creating the teaching material will allow to register the common problems within the SMCs and to bring on appropriate solutions.

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