Creative Danube: twin Danubian SMCs - from history to actual cross-border co-operation

Urban acupuncture - micro location-level activities aimed at improving Danube cities collaboration

 University of Novi Sad (UNS), Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad / Sremski Karlovci,  08-12.11.2021

The teaching laboratory was organized to provide the necessary information for Intellectual Outputs of the project with specific data on SMCs situation, and to equip students and teachers with competences, knowledge and skills to successfully cope with contemporary challenges of inclusive development of Danube SMCs. It was divided as follows: lectures, field research, teacher meetings, debates, teacher-student meetings, evaluation projects and preliminary conclusions on student results.

The main contribution of the teaching staff at this IP was to test and develop new methods on teaching the problematics of Danube SMCs in the international context and in cooperation with all the universities involved in the project. One meeting was reserved to the intellectual outputs contribution in coordination with the learning - teaching result from the activity. The methodological approach was based on urban acupuncture and participative practice, and relying on the mapping methodology from the previous workshop C3 and C4. Based on the interdisciplinary approach and citizen participation, the urban acupuncture method was used as short-term action for long-term change, primarily regarding the social function of urban spaces. The interventions in urban spaces based on the bottom-up participatory processes and urban acupuncture method was defined as model for improving living conditions and urban environment. During this phase, the IP coordinator hosted multiple sessions, where all participants were invited to discuss their experiences in conducting and evaluating the students’ projects, and to give them feedback during daily activities. Based on the students final presentations and debate, coordinator and the partners defined concrete recommendations for the project groups in order to update their contributions. 

Urban acupuncture #SremskiKarlovci