University of Belgrade

The University of Belgrade is responsible for the Danube Region in Central Serbia and Western Romania. This region is geographically divided between two inner regions. Western portion is the lowest part of Pannonian Plane (or Middle Danube), with the Serbian capital of Belgrade as a focal city. The other urban settlements are rather towns; only Pančevo and Smederevo are middle-size cities. The eastern portion of the region is the Iron Gates Gorge between Romania and Serbia, which divides the Middle and Lower Danube or Pannonian and Wallachian plains. The most of urban settlements are small and scattered along this remote area. The only bigger city is Drobeta Turnu Severin in Romania, at the easternmost edge of the Iron Gates.

The Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade is one of 31 faculties of the University of Belgrade, which is the oldest higher education institution for Serbian speaking area, founded in 1808. The University is also the largest public higher education institution in Serbia and in the former Yugoslavia, with almost 100,000 students and 5,000 members of academic staff. Its alumni include more than 14,000 doctors. Besides faculties, the University of Belgrade also includes 12 research institutes, the university library, and 9 inter-university centres. This organisation perfectly describes the general agenda of the University – to combine and comprehend education, research, and collaboration with public sector and private companies. In line with these intentions, the University of Belgrade is among leading universities in South-Eastern Europe. The University of Belgrade has been among five highest ranked universities in Eastern Europe by the most prestigious world ranking systems (ARWU, QS) last years.

Dr. Aleksandra Djukić

Associate professor / Project Manager and researcher

Dr. Eva Vaništa Lazarević

Professor / Researcher

Dr. Danijela Milovanović Rodić

Assistant professor / Researcher

Svetlana Tolić, finance office

Head / Administrator – Financial manager

Jelena Marić

Teaching assistant and PhD candidate / Researcher

Dr. Branislav Antonić

Teaching assistant / Communication manager and Researcher