Women's chat mags:

Promoting Rape Culture

These women's chat mags all show a prominent commercial use of the word "RAPED" on their front pages.

(taken on the shelves at a Tesco supermarket, 25th October, 2017)

The Lad's Mags were condemned and removed from the shelves for promoting rape culture. According to the dictionary reference site, Dictionary.com, "Rape Culture" is defined as:

"a subset of values, beliefs, and behaviors in a society that trivializes or normalizes sexual violence, including rape."

Protesters outside a Tesco store, calling attention to the rape culture of the Lads Mags magazines. But they ignore the women's chat magazines for sale inside

But the women's Chat Mags have never been challenged.

Remember the definition of Rape Culture?

"...trivializes or normalizes sexual violence, including rape."

They trivialise rape and use it as casual entertainment for women...

...just so they can sell more magazines...