Women's chat mags:

Disturbing Facts

Sexual abuse, incest, paedophiles, corpse disposal, child rapists, dead babies and an axe in the skull

Just some of the tasteless subjects on the front pages of the May 2017 crop of women's chat magazines, promoted as a "casual read" for women and displayed on newsagents shelves close to the children's comics.

Disturbing Facts about Women's Chat Mags

Here are some facts about women's chat magazines you may never have considered before...

  • Women's chat magazines publish weekly stories of violent rape, sex and death, deliberately selected to portray men as evil monsters with females and children as their helpless victims.
  • They are heavily promoted as a "casual read" for women and feature subjects such as domestic sexual violence, child abuse, murder, incest, rape, torture, paedophiles and even cannibalism.
  • Children are exposed to these adult magazines on a daily basis in the stores and in their homes as part of their everyday lives.
  • These adult-themed magazines are displayed on shelves near the children's comics.
  • Headlines often contain words like "DADDY", "MUMMY" and "KILLED" that jump out at a child, even from a brief glimpse.
  • Their front covers even resemble children's comic book, attracting children to look at them.
  • These magazines make money from trivialising subjects like child abuse.
  • They teach children to distrust their own fathers and brothers.
  • Children can easily buy these low-cost magazines over the counter.
  • Some children's groups, such as Child’s Eye Line UK, have spoken out about the negative impact these magazines have on the mental health of children.
  • They promote themselves as "true life" but have been caught faking images.
  • Some contributors who have had their stories published have complained that the magazine had "made things up".
  • Women's chat mags have been described as being "magazines for misandry" yet remain unchallenged.
  • They are the most popular weekly women's magazines sold in the UK, selling millions every week.

These magazines contain strong adult content and need to be treated as such.

Help us get them moved to the top shelves in sealed bags so only the title is visible.

2017 Summer chat mags: Just a bit of casual fun for mum.

  • "He abused my TWIN and made me WATCH"

Why is it that the effects of these chat mags are so comprehensively ignored by our society, unlike the so-called "Lads Mags"? Perhaps it's because they don't have any overt sexual images on the covers. Perhaps it's because the target audience for these magazines are female. Perhaps they believe that mere words can't hurt anyone or put ideas into children's minds...