Adult material is not for children

Curb The Chat Mags:

Get Involved

This campaign is all about people power!

Please help us get the word out. Here are some tools to help you along the way.

Campaign Ideas

  • Contact your Member of Parliament. You can find out who and how at this website. Try to send your message by post as they have a duty to reply. Try candidates for other parties and councillors too. Remember, elected officials are meant to represent the public!
  • Use the power of Twitter and tweet everyone in the world about the "Curb The Chat Mags Campaign".
  • Join us on Facebook and make your opinions known.
  • Ask your local radio to feature your Curb The Chat Mags campaign. Local radio stations are very interested in this sort of thing.
  • Ask your local newspaper to feature your Curb The Chat Mags campaign.
  • Get your local school, or all local schools involved.
  • Does your local children's nurseries and daycare centres display women’s chat mags around children with their child abuse and rape stories ? If so, write to them and ask them not to.
  • Does your local library have these women's chat mags on display? If so, ask them to display them responsibly.
  • Talk about it with everyone you know. Many people have strong feelings about material like this in public spaces but are often afraid to speak up, feeling they are alone in their concerns. Many others have never thought about it before or are too desensitised. Once you talk about it, and people think about it, most people support the protection of children from unsuitable adult material.
  • Good luck and don’t forget to keep us informed of your successes here or through Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you need any help or further tips please contact us at

Here is the British Retail Consortium *new* guidance on the placement of lads’ mags and women’s mags,

Tackle the Magazine Retailers

There's a code that retailers are supposed to follow when displaying adult material (which includes the women's chat mags). They often follow this for men's magazines but they ignore the rules when it comes to displaying the women's chat mags.