Women's Chat Mags

Frequently Asked Questions


Front page headline from women's chat magazine, "Love It!"

Women's Chat Mags - Frequent Misconceptions.

These magazines are everywhere, in local newsagents, supermarkets, corner shops, people's homes... They've been around in our lives for so long. we just take them all for granted. But once you take a closer look, their intrinsic hatred and misandry is revealed,


"Don't they portray men as evil because men really do commit these crimes?"

  • If a weekly magazine only selected and published stories of violent crimes where all the killers were black and all the victims were white, we would call it racist and get them removed from the shelves as soon as they appeared. Yet these women's chat magazines have been singling out and portraying males this way for 30 years. It's hard not to call it misandrist.
  • Their horror headline stories have been chosen only because the criminals are male and the victims are female or children. They don't print or even look for stories where the males are the victims.
  • Their front page horror stories are chosen specifically to support their viewpoint that men are merciless killers, paedophiles and rapists.
  • These magazines are not newspapers. Many of the stories are historical but are splashed across the front page as though they are current events.


"Are these magazines are just a bit of harmless fun."

  • They have the capacity to damage our society in the same way that the lads mags did.
  • They trivialise subjects like child abuse, rape and sexual domestic violence, reducing them to casual entertainment for women. This is very definition of promoting rape culture.
  • They are on display with horror headlines for the children to see and to read. Children growing up with these magazines see them scattered around their home and displayed on the bottom shelves of supermarkets and stores. They come to believe that this is how our society works. They see men being constantly portrayed as cruel rapists, killers, abusers and paedophiles and they quickly learn that they need to be wary and afraid of their male relatives - uncles, cousins, brothers, and especially their fathers.
  • These magazines turn all men into figures of hate because these magazines only seek out and publish those stories that support this viewpoint.
  • They make it socially acceptable to hate and distrust all men.
  • Exposing your children to this material is to normalise it and risk having them see the world through a distorted lens.


"So you want to ban them, even though there is no law against them?"

  • No one is saying they should be banned. But these magazines are adult in nature and need to be treated as such. They should be moved to the top shelves and placed in sealed bags to hide the headlines from children and from adults who don't want to be offended by them.
  • This is how we are supposed to treat magazines with adult content. But for some reason, possibly because they are aimed at a female readership, these type of magazines are allowed to publish adult material without any restraint.
  • The lads mags were classified as adult because of their content and they were moved up to the top shelves in sealed bags. There's no sensible argument to treat these pernicious adult magazines any other way.


"But you can't stop children from seeing them when women take them home and leave them lying around, right?"

  • So, don't be one of those women.
  • These magazines have become just an acceptable part of the everyday background of a child's life.
  • If a partner brought some pornographic magazines home and left them lying casually around the house for the kids to find, it would be regarded as unacceptable, so why is this any different?
  • ..and if you DO hide them from the children, why is it OK to have them displayed on the supermarket shelves at a child's eye level?
  • These magazines are aimed at the casual browser and they're for sale on every shelf of every newsagents in the country. They're also aggressively priced at only a few pence - children are even allowed to buy some for themselves if they wanted to. No one will stop them.
  • These magazines are very adult in nature with their descriptions of extreme sexual assaults and brutal, gory violence, and yet we seem to think that because they are aimed at a female audience, the material is somehow not regarded as adult.


"Haven't these type of chat magazines have been around for a long time with no effect on our society. "

  • We don't know that. This argument was used unsuccessfully as a defence for the lads mags. No one ever suggested that the campaigns should have been stopped because we couldn't see what damage those publications may be causing to society.
  • We really don't know what damage has been done to our children and our society with all these women's chat magazines peddling this sick material for over 30 years - and they continue to do so.
  • These ubiquitous magazines, perpetuating their "true" horror stories, have become part of children's everyday life and occupy their domestic background landscape.
  • The material contained in the lad's mags were deemed capable of changing society's perceptions of how we view women and they were condemned for it. These chat magazines are having the same effect on how we view men and we still don't know the extent of the damage they're causing.


"Is there any evidence to show that these magazines have an influence on what a child thinks?"

  • If you really think they are harmless, you can carry out this simple test. Buy one or two of the latest women's chat magazines - it doesn't really matter which ones. Then go to any local junior school or daycare centre and start reading the headlines from the magazines out aloud to the children. Do you think the children might be affected by the words they're hearing? Do you think their parents would want you to read them out?
  • Content like this should be seen as adult material for a very good reason - it's for adults, not children.
  • If it's wrong to read the words out to children, why is it OK to display them to children?


"Why shouldn't women read these types of magazines if they want to?"

  • They can indulge themselves in this sick stuff if they want to. No one is stopping them. But vulnerable young people and impressionable children are being exposed and normalised to this misandric adult material on a daily basis and we have a duty to protect them.
  • Children form their ideas of the world around them from reading and seeing stories like this and grow up thinking that all males are murderers and rapists. It may not be obvious to a child that the stories the magazines have published have been chosen for that very reason.
  • These magazines use the juxtaposition of sexually violent horror stories of rape and torture with familiar domestic surroundings and stories about kittens and cakes, making it harder for a child to judge the prejudice in the stories.