Women's chat mags:

Are they a threat?

Chat Mags - Are These Magazines Really Such a Threat to Society?

These adult-themed chat mags are aimed at females but anyone can buy one. There's no campaigns against them. Their "sex and horror" headlines are force-fed to shoppers and children from newsagents and supermarket shelves. This is not how we are supposed to treat adult material.

These chat magazines preach a misandric view of life by only selecting stories where the sadistic killers are always males. All these magazines promote their publications as being a true representation of every-day life. Chat Magazine itself even promotes itself as "the real-life weekly". The stories in these magazines make sure that children who see them will grow up thinking that all males are evil monsters and are not to be trusted.

Subjecting impressionable minds with constant stream of material like this for decades will inevitably have a negative effect on a child's world view. These chat magazines are extremely corrosive and they will have an influence on how children grow up to see the world.

Consider sitting down in front of your children and reading some of these headlines out loud to them. If you think that's a bad idea, do you think the newsagents and supermarkets should display them next to their comics?

We now have a generation of children growing up thinking that it's acceptable to treat all males as potential molesters, pedophiles, murderers and rapists, just waiting for an opportunity to attack and kill them. It teaches them to hate and despise men. They grow up fearing their fathers, their brothers and their uncles, regarding them as "killers-in-waiting". These type of magazines actively seek to reinforce these fears in their pursuit of profit.

A child in the supermarket is looking for comics and is confronted at face-height with headlines of sex, death, torture, incest and horror on the lurid covers of women's chat magazines. Their covers even resemble comics.

A few of the graphic headlines from some of the June 2017 women's chat magazines marketed to women as "a casual read".

Would you read them out to your children?

The headline here are displayed on some of the popular women's magazine for sale in the local high street newsagent and supermarkets in June 2017. They are priced aggressively low, selling for just a few pence. Some of their headlines are:

  • Evil ex TORE my face OFF
  • BEATEN to death for CRYING...by his mother's drunk boyfriend

There are no restrictions in selling these magazines to minors, or where they are displayed.

Over 250 different editions of these women's chat magazines published in a year... millions are sold every week from supermarkets and newsagent shelves. How many children saw them? And how did it affect their view of the world?

Some Children's Charities have voiced their concern

  • Some children's sexual abuse campaigns have said how these magazines are a threat to the way that children interpret the world around them. The Children's charity, Child’s Eye Line UK, is one such charity and is committed to protecting children from pornography, sexual imagery, negative stereotypes and frightening headlines.

Is Anyone Bothered by This?

  • Some supermarkets have had complaints levelled at them and reported in local (but not national) newspapers. But it's the men that seem more concerned with getting these displays of sexually graphic headlines relocated away from children. For example...

Raped by my own brother...

Morrison's Supermarket refuses to relocate chat mags....

4th Nov, 2015

  • Morrison's Supermarket positioned a magazine containing gory headlines about rape and murder at ‘kids eye level’ in its Malvern store. The weekly Chat magazine was displayed at the check-out tills with headlines such as ‘Killer Ex Slashed My Throat’, ‘Raped By My Big Brother’ and He Even Made Me Drink His Own Urine’ to the disgust of Mr Knapman, who was shopping with his wife. He asked a store managers to relocate it because of children seeing the explicit adult content, but his request was turned down by Morrison's management staff. Mr Knapman said “Store manager told me (that) he is allowed to do this and so he will.”
  • Read the full story, in the Malvern Observer, here.

Dad made me WATCH while he RAPED my sister

Father outraged at magazine cover "Dad made me WATCH while he RAPED my sister"

12th May, 2017

  • Morrison's Supermarket are in trouble again. This time it's over a"Love it!" women's chat magazine cover with the lurid headline Dad made me WATCH while he RAPED my sister.” It was on shelves at eye-level for a child at the checkouts at Morrison in Up Hatherley, Cheltenham, just above the DVD films, including children's films like The Wizard of Oz. It prompted Phil Norris, a father of two, to ask Morrisons, “Is this front page really suitable for child-height display next to sweets and DVDs?”
  • Read the full story in the Gloucestershire Live, here.