Campaign to Curb The Chat Mags

How these women's "chat mags" are damaging our society.

A cup of tea and a slice of misandry in your local supermarket... courtesy of women's chat mags.

Women's weekly chat mags publish a relentless stream of front page headlines and real life horror stories of brutal rapes, torture and child sex abuse, presented for the casual entertainment of women. Stories are deliberately selected to depict men as evil monsters who prey on helpless women and children. These magazines are often displayed next to the children's comics. Help us get them classed as adult material, put in sealed bags and moved to the top shelves of newsagents.

Their content is a mixture of puppies and paedos, rag-dolls and rapists, light-hearted trivia and horrific sex-murders. They make money by selecting stories that focus on topics like child abuse, murder, torture, incest and rape. All the males who feature in their selected stories are there to serve as examples of sadistic evil and the females and children are portrayed as helpless victims. And they sell millions of magazines every year.

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Here are just a few examples of the thousands of front page headlines from these women's chat magazines on display in high streets that show how they are adult-themed magazines but are treated like "comics for women".

Take A Break

"My own DAD forced me to have his BABIES"



That's Life!


Love it!

"HACKED to DEATH at 5 months PREGNANT"



Pick Me Up!

  • There are several different weekly women's chat mags available in the UK, including "Chat", "Take a Break", "Pick Me Up", "That's Life" and "Love It".
  • They publish disturbing headlines of domestic violence, incest, torture, rape, murder, mutilation and child abuse, trivialising the subjects and reducing them to casual entertainment for women while promoting hatred and distrust towards men.
  • They carry a relentless stream of sexually violent stories deliberately selected to depict men as evil monsters preying on helpless females and children.
  • They are displayed on the low shelves of newsagents, often next to the children's comics.
  • They breed a culture that makes it permissible to hate men.
  • Headlines often contain in words like "DADDY", "MUMMY" and "DEAD" that jump out at a child from just a casual glimpse.
  • Millions of these women's chat magazines are sold in the UK every month.

These magazines have strong adult content displayed on their covers and in the stories they feature. Help us get them treated as adult material and moved to the newsagent's top shelves in sealed bags so only the title is visible.

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These are adult entertainment magazines and need to be treated as such. Help us get them moved to the top shelf out of the reach of children and put in sealed bags so only allow the title is visible. Contact Us - You Can Help