Required Tools for Participation

What you need to bring to every in-person or online meeting:

    • a laptop computer (the larger the screen the better, ie. full HD) that:
        • can connect to the internet via our location's free wifi.
        • for in-person meetings:
            • mute your microphone and turn off your speakers - or we will get terrible feedback which might blow out the speakers on our computers.
        • for online meetings:
            • microphone on the computer -
            • mute your microphone if you are not in a quiet location, or if you are eating etc.
    • have a web browser installed on your machine, preferably chrome, because we use google hangouts when there are less than 10 participants (uberconference when more).
    • Please mute:
        • your cell phone
        • your computer speakers during an in-person meeting (since we may do screen sharing).
    • Please have the following internet accounts:
        • a google account (like gmail or other) for hangouts
        • a account for
    • You may want to bring some bottled water in facilities that allow it.
    • No food will be served.
    • Please do not bring 'loud' food to the meeting, such as corn or potato chips, or loud crinkly bags that you will manipulate. LOL :)

Special Online Tools

Please consider getting a headset with an attached microphone. Using the speakers and microphone on your computer does not create a good experience for the other people on the conference. High end Apple computers seem to have good microphones.