Locations of our In-Person Meetings

C++ Meeting location (as of this time): Tech Ranch Austin

Location of building and entry:

Here is a photo of the building. The correct entry door is to the left of the big tree where the two buildings join at 90 degrees.


The building exterior door is locked in the evenings and the lighting of the front door and entry way is dimly lit, especially in winter.

The office is on the 2nd floor on the right, or left out of the elevator. The door of office may also be locked.

Once in the office, follow the corridor with the "creatively" styled arrows, which can change or even disappear at times.

Please try to be on time (by 7 PM) because we have to walk a long distance to open the door and let people in once we start the meetup.

AI Machine Learning Meeting location is variable, please check every meetup for updates.