Chat, Networking & Communication Resources

Overview of our Chat Resources -- which we host on (not Slack)

We've worked to provide reasonably organized "chat" resources given the severe limitations of such systems as opposed to forums (but gitter is better than slack). Currently there are two CppMSG projects: one for C++ and one for AI.


C++ which came first and has no suffix at this location:

For general worldwide discussion of C++, including information of interest to CppMSG_Cpp students, the lobby "sub-room" room is most appropriate:


Our CppMSG_Cpp meetup has a "sub-room" to discuss AI and C++ within the CppMSG_AI community at this location:



AI adopted CppMSG (and so needed a suffix) at this location:


For general worldwide discussion of AI, including information of interest to CppMSG_AI students, the lobby "sub-room" room is most appropriate:


For meeting specific interaction, our Austin CppMSG_AI meetup has a chatting "sub-room" within the AI community at this location:

  • (for items relevant to our the administration of our Austin meetings, or anything discussed during the course meeting (but not after the meeting unless a direct followup answer)).

Important for All Sub-Groups!

Also please check the other _important_ rooms within each "community" by going to the "community" links above, where you can see the "sub-rooms" (called "rooms" by These rooms are where we get into detailed discussion on the topic of the room. Create a room yourself, if the system allows, or ask Grant Rostig. You probably don't get notifications of the creation on new rooms, but we try to mention that in the general/lobby room of each community when it happens.


Here is where we we share our computer screens and host the online component of a meeting:

If the meeting gets too large we optionally use:

Criticisms of naming convention evolution:

Yes we know the C++ URL does not have the trailing "_Cpp" to achieve symetry with the CppMSG_AI standard.

Yes we know that the directory naming convention is also different. Study it for 20 minutes (we spend 30+ hours) and you will understand how it evolved and made sense at the time when done. :)

It could be better, happened because of evolution and expansion of scope, but things can't be changed now.