Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my insurance will pay for my counseling?

Counseling for Wellness is carried on most insurance panels. When you contact us, please have your insurance information handy (from your insurance card). It's important that you contact your insurance company so you understand your coverage for services at Counseling for Wellness. Lynne would be happy to walk you through this process, if you would like. Lynne or your counselor will call you back to schedule your first appointment.

Should I go through insurance or self-pay?

The choice to use insurance is yours. When going through insurance, any co-payments will go towards your overall yearly deductible. The biggest difference is related to the 'stigma' of counseling. Insurance companies require a diagnosis in order for claims to be accepted. Some people do not want their mental health diagnosis to be connected to their medical records. In that case, self-pay may be the better option for you.

How long does counseling last?

Each session is scheduled for between 53-60 minutes. The number of sessions that you schedule will depend on your counseling needs and your wishes. Counseling for Wellness believes that our clients’ needs are the most important factor so we meet you where you are in your quest for wellness and will see you as long as you would like to be seen!

Will I feel better when counseling has ended?

Counseling for Wellness has a long proven record of satisfied clients. (See testimonials on the Services page.) We pride ourselves in using only those approaches that generate a healthy mind, mood and presence. Of course, counseling is like other opportunities in that what you put in to the process, you will get out of it.

Can I choose the counselor I would like to work with?

Counseling for Wellness makes every attempt to honor those wishes. However, as our schedules do fill up you will be given the choice to see someone else in the practice (if they can see you sooner than your chosen counselor) or be placed on a waiting list. The choice will always be yours.

What processes are available to me if I don't like the counselor I'm working with?

Of course the first process is to talk with your counselor about your dissatisfaction. He or she will want to know if what is happening in session is benefiting you. Feel free to discuss this so that you feel your needs are being met. If this, however, does not resolve the problem, you can contact our clinical director, Aileen Gockowski, by phone (330-677-2000), or by email (agockowski@counselingforwellness.com). She wants to know your concerns as well as your satisfaction.