Vid Show

How do we get our vids?

Word of mouth and searching for the most part. We have a few vidders that we have relationships with who provide vids, but mostly we search out recent vids online and contact the vidders to arrange for their permission and to ensure we have a good quality version of their vids. We want everyone to enjoy the vid show, so we will do our best to present a diverse and balanced playlist of fandoms, pairings, music styles, and vidders. We would love to see vids featuring characters of different races, ethnicities, sexes, genders, physical abilities, and ages. We encourage the use of different genres of music. We want to make sure everybody sees something they like and something that is new to them.

What are the restrictions to the vids?

  • Slash submissions should be m/m, f/f, or poly, and gen vids should deal with the canonical representation of the fandom.
  • An individual vidder can only submit 3 recent or premiering vid.

When do the vids need to be in by?

August 1st. We want to be able to have plenty of time to get the show organized and a listing of vids with information printed. If it gets close to the deadline and you need more time, please contact us and we'll see what we can arrange.

I didn't see my fandom represented in the vid show. How do I fix that for next time?

Make a vid and submit it OR let us know about a vidder that you like and we'll be sure to ask them. It all depends on whether the vidder is open to having their work shown at the con. If you are planning on submitting a vid to us, please contact Ker at, even if you are not ready to submit at this time. It helps us to have an idea of how many vids we should be expecting. If you want to suggest a vid, please contact Ker as soon as possible to allow time for the vidder to be contacted.

Where can I find the vids from the last vid show?

The Vids that are available on youtube from this year's vid show are available at: Not all of the vids are available on youtube. Those that aren't we offer to host on Vimeo at We would like to thank all of our amazing vidders. We really appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. As additional vids are posted, we will add them to the playlist. If you have a moment, please leave comments for our vidders. It really means a lot to them.