Who We Are

Our Mission:

Slash: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the media con ConneXions. Its biannual mission: to find new fic and vid recs, to seek out new pairings and to pimp your fandoms, to boldly slash all weekend long.

What is ConneXions:

  • ConneXions is a Media Con for slashers. We provide a welcoming, fun place for fen to come together and discuss their favorite characters being gay and queer and sexy at each other.
  • ConneXions is gen-friendly. Slashers can be fannish in multiple ways. Sometimes we watch a TV show strictly for the show itself. If you don't see a slash pairing, you don't see it, and everyone will respect that.
  • ConneXions loves small fandoms. Sometimes an event like this is the only way you can find others who follow your small fandom pairing.
  • ConneXions takes place in odd-numbered years in the summer. In 2019, the conventions will be August 16-18.

Who We Are:

  • Convention Chair: Kerguelen (The frazzled looking fan in the crown trying to keep everything going)
  • Ker's Trusty Assistant: AaronBurrSir (The young one in a crown who is staffing and acting as a gopher)
  • Con Chair Emeritus: April Valentine (While our Chair Emeritus is no longer playing an active role in the planning of ConneXions, we felt that her name needed to be included because if it were not for her and Marion, we wouldn't be here.

Why isn't there a Con Com:

ConneXions used to be quite large, but at the moment we are a two - three track convention. With no more than 50 people attending, it was decided that and there not being a dealers room or art show, Kerguelen could do the prep work and rely on the kindness of volunteers when it came time for the actual con weekend.