Children and Teens

I thought you had to be 18.

There are two answers to this one.

We've decided that most panels are at most rated R so, starting in 2019, we are admitting 17 year olds. This has a big caveat though. Any 17 year old that wants to attend must provide confirmation from their parents that a) they have permission to be at the con and b) that their parents are aware that this is a slash convention and what that entails. Basically, Con Com has to talk to your parents and get them to sign off. If a panel topic is suggested that is guaranteed to be more than an "R" rating, 17 year olds will not be allowed to attend that panel. For example, if someone were to moderate a panel like Minotaur used to do for us where they do a gay sex Q&A, 17 year old attendees would not be allowed to attend.

Children and teens under 17 will not be allowed to attend panels. For those children, we recommend that fen find a sitter so that they can better enjoy the con. At the parents discretion, those under 17 may attend the Game Night & the Vid Show but they must keep in mind that things may be said or referred to that they do not want their children to hear. If we receive a vid that includes NC-17 material, children will not be allowed. Children may visit the Con Suite.