President's message

I am very proud of becoming the President of Cheam and Sutton Rotary on the 100th year of Rotary in Sutton.


We have come a century since the Rotary Club of Sutton was formed in Sutton in 1923 as the first Rotary club in the Borough and then it went on to establish many others. Today, we have 4 Rotary clubs in Sutton of which we are one.


We Rotarians are the group who runs the Santa’s Sleigh around our streets in Cheam, Sutton and Worcester Park during the Christmas period. We are the Friends of Cheam Memorial Garden where we pick litter at certain intervals. We used to run the Rotary May Fair in Cheam Recreational grounds, now we are the ones with the Hoop-la. We are the group who ran a National Lottery funded Sewing class, we helped 2 Morsbags (bags made from recycled fabrics) pods to get off the ground and distributed hundreds of fabric bags for the protection of our environment. We enlisted many Friends of Rotary to help us in our activities. And we Rotarians support our community with as much funding as we can raise with our activities. In the past year, we were able to donate a total of over £25,000 to various local charities as well as sending help to disaster areas across the globe, helping to bring sanitation and water to deprived areas of the world and supporting Rotary’s challenge to end Polio worldwide.


We could do so much more if we had more manpower. We need more people to join us in order to make a bigger impact in the community. We want more members. This year we will concentrate on membership, publicity and community in our activities.


We are Rotarians and we are the People of Action…. We are set to “Create Hope in the World”. In the new Rotary year, we have plans for new activities and we have plans to continue the traditions too and we have plans to celebrate our Centenary … all whilst we keep supporting our community.


Dear readers, why not come and join in with Rotary? Contact us.

Dear members, let’s start the fun and together create hope in the world.


Suzan Walsh

President 2023/2024


Last year's President Angeles passes the chain to Suzan.

Getting to work immediately at Banstead Fair!