Changing Habits - Changing The World


Our project supports one of the United Nations Global Goals - Fixing climate change. Students and their families need to be educated about the importance of the clean, healthy environment and to become the generation who changes the world by changing their everyday habits.

In different countries young people have different experience and habits of taking care of the environment, recycling, too big food and energy consumption. This project was initiated because in all six project partner schools the students have low interest in environmental issues. Not many of them consider that taking care of the environment is significant to them, their families and their future.

According to the carried surveys, only small number of them recycle, try to reduce waste of food and energy or reusing things. The parents drive their children to school and to their hobbies, even though the distances are short. Both students and their families demonstrate Indifference towards the negative impact on the environment. The Nöykkiö School student council has been worried about the wasting of food in the school. The student council has arranged the measuring of the wasted food in the school restaurant in March 2017. The result was worrying. The amount was approx. 6,5 kg/day. There is a need to make a change: make this visible to the pupils and find some ways to solve the problem.