Book Fairs

Spanish Book Fair

october 2-6, 2023

The CCE library team (Sra. Jonas and Sra. Haines) has organized a Spanish book fair with the company, I Love To Read In Spanish. This fair is an opportunity for our school community to gain more access to high-interest and high-quality Spanish books, therefore this is not a fundraiser. We will still hold our regular Scholastic book fairs in November for fundraising purposes (see below). 

Shopping hours:

Contact Sra. Jonas if you have any questions.

scholastic Book Fair - Fall

November 13th - 17th, 2023

The Scholastic Book Fair will be back on campus the week of November 13!  

All proceeds benefit the CCE Library! 

The book fair will be open for student shopping during an assigned time for each class. Teachers will let parent/guardians know what day their students will be shopping at the fair. Each grade level will be able to send students who missed the chance to purchase at their assigned time back to the fair on a designated day. Students and families will also be able to shop after school on certain days. The actual schedule will be coming soon. 


The easiest way for students to shop is by using a Scholastic e-wallet.  This is a safe and cashless way for students to purchase items.  We HIGHLY encourage parents/guardians to set up an e-wallet here.


If you prefer for your student to pay using cash, please send the money to school in bag or other secure way labeled with their name and teacher’s name.


Parents/guardians will also be able to shop online. 

The spring book fair will be the week of March 18-22, 2024.


Thank you for supporting the CCE library!

Questions? Please contact Petrina Jonas (