Pomona Arts and Humanities

The Pomona Arts and Humanities Program (PAH) is an award-winning, arts-integrated program for students passionate about art and learning in Jefferson County Public Schools.

The Catwalk Theatre Company is proud to be part of PAH. As a special program within Pomona High School, PAH is open to students who seek an arts-integrated learning environment that engages the creative talents of young artists, their critical thinking abilities, and their ambitions for learning at the highest possible levels in a diverse environment.

In a student's primary area of artistic expression (theatre, instrumental music, vocal music, visual arts, writing, culinary arts) they will receive intensive instruction to increase their artistic achievement and develop a lifelong love of the arts. In specialized PAH English and Social Studies classes, teachers collaborate across curricular areas to produce creative, rigorous lessons in an arts context that broaden students' understanding of both academic content and their world. In addition, there are connections to the arts community such as artists in residence and performances, exhibitions, and competitions at venues outside of Pomona. The program culminates with a senior capstone that showcases the amazing artistic talents and academic achievement of the PAH students.

For more information, contact: Kim McGrath Anderson

Pomona was named the Think360Arts Outstanding Arts High School for 2015!

"Finally, the arts are about joy. They are about the experience of being moved, of having one's life enriched, of discovering our capacity to feel. If that was all they did, they would warrant a generous place at our table."

-Elliot W. Eisner, Stanford University, Essay from The Los Angeles Times.