Great Invasions

AgeOD Edition : €10.39

Preamble: Great Invasions was designed to be a boardgame in early 2000's by Philippe Thibaut. Then I converted the original boardgame design into a PC game with the support of Philippe Thibaut and the game was released by Nobilis in 2005.

Relive the great moments of this tumultuous period thanks to our precise and ambitious recreation, that will allow you to meet over 150 nations and more than 30 religions and heresies, as well as thousands of historical characters.

375-632 : time of the initial barbarian onslaught on the decadent Roman empire, from the arrival of Huns till the birth of Islam, and including the Byzantine revival and reconquest of lost lands under Justinian.

632-843 : while the barbarian threat recedes in the West, the Muslim warriors burst out of the Arabian deserts. This is the age of Jihad, where the strength of Islam leads the Arabs to the almost complete conquest of the civilized world.

843-1066 : the last stage is that of the last wave of invasions, and particularly the Vikings attacks (culminating with the Battle of Hastings in 1066). That is also the time when Charlemagne’s empire crumbles and the rise of feudality, signalling the entry of Western Europe into the Middle Ages.

Great Invasions is historically faithful to politics, economy, diplomacy, religion and art of war in the Dark Ages.


  • A real-time strategy game that recreates the history of the Dark Ages, from 350 to 1066 AD, supported by 10 different game scenarios.

  • Dozend of barbarian populations, kingdoms and empires, each of different size, power and resources.

  • A historically accurate representation of the political, economic, religiuos and military aspects of the age covered by the game.

  • 3D graphics of units and elements on the map.

  • A wide map of Europe in the times of Dark Ages, from Ireland to Arabia, supported by 4 different zoom levels.

  • More than 150 historical events, dozens of stratagems that can be used by players during the game, and the most famous leaders of the age.

  • An innovative bidding system that allows players to struggle each other to gain the political control of new populations as soon they enter play.

  • A strong attention to the political, ethnic and religious aspects of the age.



Latest patch (1.07c): click here