Founding Fathers: Civil War & the Gilded Age

TheGameCrafter Full Edition : $72.99 (shipping costs not included)

TheGameCrafter Green Edition* : $55.99 (shipping costs not included)

* IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This version does not include the gamebox, the rules booklet and the player mats.

Major expansion for Founding Fathers that enables play through the Civil War, Gilded Age and the First World War. The Civil War and the three amendments that followed have been called the Second Founding. With this expansion kit you no longer need to stop at the Civil War. Instead, continue on to face the tough challenges of the War Between the States and beyond, including:

  • Reconstruction

  • Transcontinental Railroad

  • Rampant corruption

  • Industrial action

  • Spanish-American War

  • The Great War

New Features:

  • Variable Outcome cards that provide random results when fighting major wars, including the wars of the base game.

  • A new player action that enables gaining and taking from others votes in Congress.

  • The Election Table that provides a new mechanism for resolving elections based mostly on the way the previous President conducted affairs.

  • The possibility of sudden death victory via Regime change.

  • New Offices such as the Admiral.

  • Initiative cards that offer Presidents more options.

Offers two new scenarios, one for the Civil War, one for the Gilded Age. Rules also permit continuing the base game so as to play from the administration of Washington to that of Wilson.

Adds 198 cards, including 75 Issues and 65 Statesmen. New Statesmen include:

  • Theodore Roosevelt

  • Ulysses S. Grant

  • Woodrow Wilson

  • William Tecumseh Sherman

  • George B. McClellan

  • Grover Cleveland

  • William McKinley

  • George Dewey

  • Henry Halleck

  • Andrew Johnson

Game expansion designed by Rick Heli in 2018. Visit his website:

This boxed game is now available at The Game Crafter, with a gorgeous graphic design totally carried out by me.


  • a 18x18" mounted board

  • 3 player mats*

  • 198 game cards

  • 10 white cubes

  • 30 colored disks

  • 10 blue house pawns

  • 1 six-sided die

  • 1 rules booklet*

Game overview:

  • Complexity: 5 / 10

  • Game length: 2+ hours

  • # of players: 3-6

  • Time scale: 4 years per turn

  • Solitaire suitability: low

Important note: this expansion requires the base game cubes and some of its cards to play, and it is compatible with the Offices & Statesmen and Ladies & Orators expansions.





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