Age of Monarchs

The game is not available.

The game is currently under development and will be released by an European Publisher. I must keep the Publisher's name confidential for the time being.

In agreement with the publisher and at his request I have removed all shared and public materials (pictures, videos).

Age of Monarchs is a card-driven strategy game for three to six players simulating the three centuries of the Modern Age, from the discovery of America by Columbus in 1492 to the fall of the Bastille in 1789. Players control one or more major powers that dominated Europe at the time and struggled to achieve the global supremacy in warfare, diplomacy trade, world colonization and religious matters all over the world in the Age of Absolutism. The major powers represented are the Ottoman Empire, Spain, France, England, the Venetian Republic and Holland, Portugal and Russia, as well as Sweden, Poland, Russia and Austria.

Age of Monarchs is designed to offer an accurate and detailed historical context, supported by more than 160 strategy cards that simulate the most outstanding historical events and force players to face constantly the toughest challenges that occurred during the three centuries covered by the game timeline.

The game offers a 1492-1789 Campaign Game (20 turns, 6 players) that will put the most powerful European nations in the never-ending struggle for world domination. The game offers also a wide set of short scenarios:

  • 1492-1559 The Age of Exploration (5 turns, 3-6 players)

  • 1560-1618 The Wars of Religion (4 turns, 4-6 players)

  • 1619-1667 The Thirty Years War (3 turns, 3-6 players)

  • 1668-1730 The Age of Absolutism (4 turns, 5-6 players)

  • 1698-1789 The Wars of Supremacy (6 turns, 5-6 players)


  • 1 27x18" mounted map (Europe)

  • 3 9x18" mounted maps (America, Africa-Asia and decks board)

  • 515 game counters (assorted size and shape)

  • 10 Power Mats (some are double sided)

  • 162 Strategy Cards (Events, Monarchs)

  • 73 Leader Cards (double sided)

  • 30 Power Cards

  • 5 Technology Cards (double sided)

  • 6 Play Aid Cards

  • 2 Play Aid Sheets

  • 5 stickers sheets

  • 65 colored wooden cylinders

  • 245 colored plastic cubes

  • 12 six-sided die

  • 1 Rules Book

  • 1 Play Book

Game overview:

  • Complexity: 6 / 10

  • Game length: 5+ hours

  • # of players: 3-6

  • Time scale: about 10 years per turn

  • Solitaire suitability: low



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