Founding Fathers

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Dateline: Fall 1787. After nearly four months of wrangling, brow-beating and arm twisting the Founding Fathers in Philadelphia emerged with a Constitution that over the next several months would be ratified by the newly-independent states. They also had a leader, the universally popular George Washington. Now it was time to see if it would all actually work. Could a democratic republic surrounded by enemies, deeply in debt – a new experiment in the world – thrive and survive, or would Benjamin Franklin's dark hint – "A republic, if you can keep it" – prove all too apt.

Founding Fathers is a game for three to six simulating the governance of the first four score and several years of the American Republic – its controversies, wars, and questions Great and small. The game begins in the presidency of George Washington with Vice President Adams and cabinet members Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton and may end with Lincoln, Douglas, Davis and the outbreak of the Civil War – if the players can control their competitive urges long enough to keep it alive.

Founding Fathers draws inspiration from the classic The Republic of RomeTM, but departs in many directions. Featuring fifty statesman it includes every historical major party candidate for president and vice president. Rather than only war events, there are three score distinct issues from the Bank of the US to the Bill of Rights, the Whiskey Rebellion to the War of 1812 and even some counterfactuals like ending slavery and suffrage for women. The president chooses his cabinet and negotiates with Congress to resolve issues and cultivate his popularity. But each player maintains several statesmen and decisions must have an eye to the future as every four years brings another election to be contested on the growing map of the United States. Play tends to be quicker, yet the experience deeper as players delve into the actual thorny issues of the greatest Republic on earth.

Game designed by Rick Heli in 2007. Visit his website:

In the Spring and Summer of 2014 I realized a nice looking edition of this game, which can be purchased at TheGameCrafter.


  • a 18x18" mounted board

  • 3 player mats*

  • 187 game cards

  • 115 color wooden cubes

  • 24 color wooden disks

  • 4 color wooden pawns

  • 1 six-sided die

  • 1 rules booklet*

Game overview:

  • Complexity: 5 / 10

  • Game length: 2+ hours

  • # of players: 3-6

  • Time scale: 4 years per turn

  • Solitaire suitability: low


Founding Fathers: Offices and Statesmen

Ratchet up the fun with this cute little addition to your Founding Fathers base game. New Statesman offer new Election possibilities. New Offices mean more opportunities for Presidents to negotiate and more rewards to bestow. New Actions provide even more ways to vex and surprise the opposition. Plus, now you can play solo games against a virtual opponent or head-to-head in the party vs. party two-player variant. Finally the Historical Factions variant groups like Statesmen together, providing even more real-life flavor.

The expansion includes: 17 Statesmen cards, 4 Office Cards, 10 Action Cards, 5 revised Issue Cards, 10 additional white cubes, 2 larger white cubes, 4 larger green cubes, Small rules booklet.

Click here to purchase the expansion.

Founding Fathers: Ladies and Orators

This expansion kit translates an early date for suffrage for women into the possibility of ladies participating in the government. In addition several Statesmen like Daniel Webster now have a new Orator ability. Others like Andrew Jackson have improved Ability when they act as General. And as always there are more opportunities for subterfuge.

The expansion includes 18 cards and 5 black rings. In more detail: eight Statesman now have oratorical abilities that enhance their ability to gain popularity by making speeches; three Statesmen now have extra ability when they serve as General; if you grant women the vote, three female politicians enter play; new rules mean that presidential candidates who lose twice must bow out; now if you pass the Sedition Act you can put your fellow politicians on trial.

Click here to purchase the expansion.

Founding Fathers: Civil War & the Gilded Age

This Founding Fathers sequel allows players to continue politics up to the First World War. You can play this expansion starting with the base game, at the outbreak of the Civil War or at the Gilded Age (after Reconstruction). Like the base game, this expansion comes in boxed and unboxed (green edition) versions.

This expansion has a dedicated page in my website: check it out here.

Upgrade Kit

For any who ordered a copy before January 25, 2015, an Upgrade Kit is available for purchase. It includes minor updates to 36 cards, the rules and player mats.

Although the existing game is completely playable, some have requested this kit to bring their copies up to date with the current publication. Well now you can. Please contact me to get the purchase link of the Upgrade Kit.



How to play 1/2

How to play 2/2

Green edition

Game presentation by Enrico Viglino

Game review by Enrico Viglino

Additional Videos

Video session reports by Enrico Viglino: Turn 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 (end)




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