Grand Siècle Map Redesign

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This is the redesign of the mapboard of Grand Siècle boardgame published by Azure Wish in 1993. The look & feel has been greatly improved. The map is now much more readable and intuitive, having at the same time a gorgeous graphic quality. It contains some key additional informations and is a bit larger. Some errors in the original map layout have been corrected and the map now contains a diplomacy track for minor nations and, last but not least, a useful legend.


About Grand Siècle

From the back of box and user's description:

This is real Europe, that of 1700's, where you are now taking charges of one of the mightiest powers of the time. Be one of those illustrious Sovereigns, such as Louis XIV, William of Orange, Jan Sobieski (hero and king of Poland), Charles XII named the Alexander of the North, Peter the Great, the progressive Tsar of all Russia, the iron empress Maria-Theresa, or else the impetuous and brilliant Frederick II the Great.

For a long century, you will be in charge of the realm of your fathers. Levy taxes and troops, build fleets and fortresses, negotiate valuable alliance, declare war at the right time and fight it successfully, to end up with power and glory for your royal self...

The game is designed for 5 players but 2 to 10 players can play.

In 5 player game, each player controls two major powers: England & Turkey, Spain & Prussia, France & Poland, Holland & Russia, Sweden & Austria.


  • 1 Rules booklet

  • 1 Scenarios & Annexes booklet

  • 1 Mapboard

  • 6 counter-sheets

  • 6 player aids

  • 2 Six-sided dice

  • 1 Twenty-sided die


Game presentation by Enrico Viglino (part 1)

Game presentation by Enrico Viglino (part 2)

Game review by Enrico Viglino

Additional Videos

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