Welcome to HChem B S20

Without students, this classroom is empty and lifeless. Your experiences and relationships make this room special to me. I hope your knowledge grows and your brain becomes as filled as our class now. Please go to your class period's section to ensure that we have your correct website link!

Chem B Final Class Project

All students must complete the following Chemistry inspired webpages.









Class websites are due 6/11

Additional pages may be added to the final project

About the instructor

Mr. Smith is a 3rd year science teacher at Sylmar Charter High School. He currently teaches Chemistry, but is more than eager to help students with questions about any math or science class. He is the sponsor for the Esports Club and the Coding Club.

Mr. Smith received his B.S. in Biochemistry from UCLA in 2012 (famous for it's architecture seen in the background), his SED credential from California State University, Northridge, and he is nearing the completion of an MA in Science Education at CSUN. He hopes to pursue a PhD or EdD soon.

Mr. Smith lives with his wife, Suzette, and their dog, Turner. They are expecting an addition in April! Tune it to for more details about their upcoming adventures!