Cylindrical carrot slice

Post date: Apr 19, 2012 3:33:29 AM

I tried to bring the surface of the slice closer to the lens. For this purpose I used a cylindrical slice ~ 8 mm tall. The magnification with the new position of the focal plane reached ~ 120; however, the image is not sharp enough. Btw, can I use the formula M = f/(f-d) [M- magnification, f- focal distance, d- distance to the object] to understand the magnification? Is f fixed? I will appreciate your comments.

Here is the interesting point:

"Basically, the USB computer microscope's lens can touch an object to see it magnified or can be used to view objects at a short distance. This allows objects to be in different states - like wet or moving."

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Do they really mean that the retractable lens is allowed to touch the object, even a wet one? I am waiting for their response. Stay tuned.