AdaFruit USB microscope: Some Comments and Questions

Post date: Apr 5, 2012 10:36:04 PM

I will start with posting some pictures:

Quinwa seeds (dry)

Quinwa seeds (one hour in water)

Quinwa seeds (2 hours in water)

Quinwa seeds (5 hours in water)

The resolution and magnification are reasonably good.

However, I noticed that the scale (a software feature) is incorrect (see the previous picture. The actual distance corresponding to the orange segment is ~ 2 mm). Here is the image of 1 inch section of the ruler:

The ruler (red segment) gives 0.59 inches instead of 1 inch.

How can I fix this error? Apparently, I will have to read the instructions :(

... Yeh, TO GET IT RIGHT I will have to enter manually the magnification (an integer in the range 1-200) .