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Dear customers. Today is Wednesday. Before ordering, please check availability by texting

781 354 2315

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To provide sufficient fermentation time (36 hours) for our bread, baked for Shabbat on (very) early Friday morning, we can only guarantee fulfillment of the orders placed before Wednesday. If you are late, please contact us by texting

781-354-2315 to check availability. If you order for a weekday, please also do it in advance.

Rollindo and Minii Pullman from our Shabbat batch:

Long-fermented, multi-grain, multi-seed, parve, pas Yisroel. Challah is taken. No sugar or nuts, only non-dairy ingredients and equipment, low sodium. No preservatives. No artificial colors or flavors.

Please be informed that Moshe's Bread offered at this page is baked in our (Shomer Shabbos kosher) home kitchen which does not have official kosher certification. Please, do not order here unless you know directly and trust the baker. For your information, our oven was never used for fleisch or milch cooking. The same bread, when it is baked in the industrial kosher (KVH- supervised) facilities is announced and sold separately. Contact us at:, 781-894-5917 (voice)

Two categories of bread :

We use two kinds of ferment ("starter"): (1) The traditional sour dough starter obtained by fermenting a mixture of flours, mostly wheat and rye. We will call it the "regular" sour dough started, and the bread is "regular sour dough bread". Usually, we drop "sour dough" and say "regular bread" or "regular starter".

(2) The starter derived from the fermented fruits. We name this category the "fruitful delight". This bread has a mild fruity flavor, which we usually enhance by adding different berries (mostly currant and cranberry ). The preliminary "fruitful" step is the so called "fruit yeast water" (see the picture). The production of "fruitful" bread is more labor intensive, which is reflected in slightly higher prices. Currently, we produce it in two forms: Mini Pullman and Medium Loaf


Depending on your location and our mutual arrangement we deliver either directly to your address or to a mutually convenient pick-up location (usually within 2-3 miles from your home). We can not provide free direct deliveries to all the customers, because this would significantly increase the effective cost, and would drive up the price. Pick-up locations are usually the entrance areas of the homes of those customers who have kindly provided us with this opportunity. Please use it with discretion. The default delivery day is Friday. We can also bake and deliver during the week (some restrictions apply). Please, contact us in advance to place the orders: it takes at least 36 hours to produce the long-fermented bread (please read also the Delivery section at the bottom).

If you are a new customer:

Please contact us before placing the order. We will have to find a mutually convenient delivery option.


After clicking "Add to Cart" button please, enter the desired number of loaves and click "update" (the default is 1 loaf). Click "continue shopping" until your order is complete. Then click "Checkout with PayPal".

When to place the order:

The orders for Friday delivery should be (preferably) placed before Wednesday. Please call us to check availability if you are late.


Read below (at the bottom) and ask about our subscription benefits. Please contact us to discuss the details. IMPORTANT: If a subscriber wants to skip a week, we should be informed before Wednesday.

The left two loaves are "regular", their typical length 12"-14"; the other two are medium, 9"-11"




ROLLINDO (Roll-in-Dough): $2.85

Regular Mini Pullman: $2.50

Fruitful Mini Pullman: $2.65

Ficelle: $2.90

Requires Special Orders

Sourdough crepes (this product will be updated)

Our paper-thin wild yeast crepes are perfect wrapping for veggie, cheese or meat pockets, and also for consuming as is, with butter, sour cream, honey or ... you name it! The price is $5. for the first set of ten crepes, and it is progressively decreased for each additional ten, so that the price of 50 is $20.5. They can survive long time in the freezer, easy to peel off after reheating at room or higher temperature (not higher than 170 F).

They will stay fresh for up to a week in the fridge, appropriately wrapped. Finally, you can safely keep them wrapped for 3 days outside the fridge.


Focaccia: 4-pound loaves made with olives, rosemary, and variety of "regular" seeds. Perfect for sandwiches. This item must be ordered before Wednesday (for the regular Friday delivery).


1 loaf $14.00 ; 2 loaves $27.00; 3 loaves $39.00


Delivery to your home or to a mutually convenient pick-up location (currently in Newton-Waltham -Weston) is free. Please contact us in advance if you are a new customer to discuss the delivery options: or 781-354-2315 (text or voice). If you are outside of our established routes (where the most of our customers are currently located), we will find for you a pick-up point near our route, usually within 2-3 miles from your home. The same applies within the established routes, but with the shorter distance to a nearest pickup location. It is also obvious that our major routes (and the delivery opportunities for the remote areas) depend on the number of customers in those areas. For example, more than two orders from a (reasonably) remote neighborhood may justify direct deliveries to that area. We appreciate that this description is fuzzy; the details must be discussed individually.

Subscription includes 10 deliveries, at least three baguettes or a reasonable equivalent. To skip a week, you must send a notice by Wednesday . The subscription discount is ~ 6 %. For example, the subscription for four regular loaves (delivered 10 times) is $203. instead of $216. It is paid in advance by cash (including the PayPal's "pay to friend" option ) or check.

Keeping and revitalizing your bread Sourdough is famous for its self-preserving qualities. Our preservative-free bread will stay fresh in a plastic or paper bag for up to two days. To store it for longer periods of time, freeze it. Let the loaves cool first, then wrap them airtight an place in the freezer. To thaw, unwrap and place on a baking sheet in a cold oven. Turn the oven to 400 degrees. In about 20 min the crust will be hot and crisp, and the bread thawed. Let it cool down for at least 30 min before eating. On Shabbat, when using an oven is prohibited, place the bread in a warm location for 4-5 hours before serving. We wish you bete’avon.