Burning the Chometz

Post date: Apr 6, 2012 5:37:27 PM

11.45 was the last moment when we were allowed to burn chometz.

I was there around 11.30. While putting in fire my paper bags filled with dry dough from all the "chalas" baked during the year, I overheard the conversation between a boy of about 15, and a man in late 30-th.

Boy: Do not throw the foil. It won't burn.

Man: Not true!

Boy: At least, it does not burn here.

Back at home, I took a piece of foil and "burnt" a part of it holding it over the gas flame.

Here are the pics:

The original foil:

"Burned" foil

According to my wife Lucy, the last pic shows the film of Al_{2} O_{3}.

And here are the pictures of the burned phase taken at two magnifications:



What are the conclusions?