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Blurock Consulting AB provides consulting services

development and implementation of data management plans in national and EU projects.

Cloud-based software solutions

With the advent of the explosion of data produced within a project and with the increasing pressure to have an efficient means to communicate and disseminate this data, the role of a well-defined data management plan within a proposal is expanding and the requirement becoming mandatory. This document outlines the formulation of a data management plan that satisfies the requirements and recommendations of funding agencies within Europe (an Open Data Research project within Horizon 2020) and the US (such as the National Science Foundation). The principles and suggestions made in the outline are based on utilizing the resources available to Blurock Consulting AB (ChemConnect) . The possibility for institute based or general (such as OpenAire initiative’s Zenodo) repositories to be used for sustainable storage.

ChemConnect , developed by Blurock Consulting AB, is the next generation conntected smart database and repository to answer the needs of the information explosion. The goal of CHEMCONNECT is the be the tool at the center of the research ecosystem and to promote FAIR of Findable, Accessable, Interoperable and Reusable data. The further goal of CHEMCONNECT is to provide the framework of experimental documentation, with protocols, methodologies and device descriptions, for Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) trend in scientific publishing.

Blurock Consulting AB provides consulting services for the development and implementation of data management plans in national and EU projects.

Current projects are underway to develop chemical kinetics repositories and databases, the calculation of thermodynamic data and the automatic generation of combustion mechanisms, all on a cloud platform

Implementations of Cloud-based software

Blurock Consulting AB is offering services to convert client software to cloud based services.

Edward S. Blurock

Edward S. Blurock has over 35 years of experience, both in chemical data and modelling which is the core of this project (for example, REACTION (1) and JTHERGAS (2)), and in applied artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques and software (at the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, Austria (3) and Combustion Physics, Sweden (4)). Currently, he is recognized to be at the forefront of data management within the community by being the ‘Standard definition for data collection and mining toward a virtual chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers‘ Working Group leader in COST Action network CM1404, ‘Chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers and Technologies’(5), and leader of the CM1401 task to catalog data use within the community. He is co-editor and co-author of several chapters in the book Cleaner Combustion: Developing Detailed Chemical Kinetic Models.

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Blurock Consulting AB in general acts as a liaison between the database developer community and the combustion community. Having expertise in both fields allows interaction in the community’s respective languages. Being abreast with the latest technologies in computer science facilitates implementations satisfying the needs of the combustion community.

Partner Search

For the further development of CHEMCONNECT Blurock Consulting AB is also searching for partners ranging from domain users to expand the knowledge-base of CHEMCONNECT, database, ontology and interface design expertise to expand the fundamental capabilities of CHEMCONNECT and also venture capitalists who recognize the potential of CHEMCONNECT in smart repository development.