Open Data Research Pilot Project

The requirements to have an Open Research Data (ORD) (EU Horizon 2020) project data management plan are as follows:

1. The data set: What kind of data will the project collect or generate, and to whom might they be useful later on? The pilot applies to

1. The data and metadata needed to validate results in scientific publications and

2. other curated and/or raw data and metadata that may be required for validation purposes or with reuse value.

2. Standards and metadata: Metadata answers such questions to enable data to be found and understood, ideally according to the particular standards of your scientific discipline. Metadata, documentation and standards help to make your data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable or FAIR for short.

1. What disciplinary norms will you adopt in the project?

2. What is the data about?

3. Who created it and why?

4. In what forms it is available?

3. Data sharing: By default as much of the resulting data as possible should be archived as Open Access. Therefore legitimate reasons for not sharing resulting data should be explained in the DMP. Remember, no one expects you to compromise data protection or breach any IPR agreements. Data sharing should be done responsibly. The DMP Guidelines therefore ask you to describe any ethical or legal issues that can have an impact on data sharing. Furthermore,

4. Archiving and preservation: Funding bodies are keen to ensure that publicly funded research outputs can have a positive impact on future research, for policy development, and for societal change. They recognise that impact can take quite a long time to be realised and, accordingly, expect the data to be available for a suitable period beyond the life of the project. Remember, it is not simply enough to ensure that the bits are stored in a research data repository, but also consider the usability of your data. In this respect, you should consider preserving software or any code produced to perform specific analyses or to render the data as well as being clear about any proprietary or open source tools that will be needed to validate and use the preserved data.

OpenAire also makes the comment:

The DMP is not a fixed document. The first version of the DMP is expected to be delivered within the first 6 months of your project, but you don’t have to provide detailed answers to all the questions yet.