Data Management Plans


The motivation of incorporating a data management plan with is project can be summarised by the recommendations recently published by the G7 Science Ministers:

• Include Open Science research indicators and metrics during the evaluation and assessment of researchers

• Ensure every researcher’s ability to deposit, access, and analyze scientific data across disciplines and borders

• Adhere to the FAIR data principles of being findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable

• Train researchers in Open Science and data skills

• Develop common good practice standards

With Horizon 2020, all projects from 2017 (before it was restricted to certain areas) are now Open Research Data (ORD) pilot projects.

Design and Implementation of a data management plan

Phase I: Assessment

Analysis of the data needs, including standard solutions, and the analysis of the availability of sustainable implementations

Phase II: Design

A ‘plan of action’ described in several documents is prepared.

Phase III: Implementation

The specification of the first task determines the implementation phase and the tools used for the implementation.