Phase I: Assessment

In this tasks, the details of the implementation of the data management plan will be developed. The deliverables of these tasks are documents.

DMP.T1.1 Needs: First first task in any data management plan, as defined by all funding agencies, is the characterisation of the data needs of the consortium of the project. This involves cataloging what data is going to be generated or collected by the project. This analysis covers the whole range of data from ‘raw’ data coming out of a measurement or experimental device to its manipulations to create or extract new data to the final data to be published. Also important in this analysis is the interdependence of the data. The deliverable would be a document: This document would be produced in the very early phase of the project. (Deliverable DMP.1)

DMP.T1.2 Standards and their incorporations: Once the data needs are identified and cataloged, existing state of the art data representations are examined for their compatibility and incorporation. These include data representations available within the consortia and those commonly used by the community. (Deliverable DMP.2)

DMP.T1.3 Standards and metadata: In conjunction with DMP.T2, the first version of data set representation is established. (Deliverable DMP.3)