Phase III: Implementation

To implement the plans described in the previous task can involve some (software-technical) development work. The extent, in person-months, of these tasks is, of course, dependent on the level of funding. The level of funding given to these task can also influence the extent and quality of the implementation of the data management plan outlined in the previous section. A higher level of funding must be allowed for more ‘specialised’ requirements (meaning not necessarily generalisable to the community at large).

Implementation of new data types with meta-data: This effects data on several levels, from the graphical interface for inputing the data to the implementation of meta-data and data types for internal storage and search to visualisation.

ChemConnect: The foundations of ChemConnect allow a large portion of this work to occur at the ‘specification’ level through expansion of the governing ontology within the system. Some degree of specialisation will be desired.

ReSpecTh: The meta-data and the structure of new data is reflected within the XML tags of the format.

Data formats: To promote ‘inter-operability’ of data, i.e. making data available in other forms, the interconversion of data formats needs to be implemented. This requires the development of software to read, interchange and write data files:

Isolated Interpreters: The simplest solution is a isolated batch software program to convert

ChemConnect: ChemConnect is equipped to accomplish this task in a sustainable manner that in integrated with the input, storage and visualisation of data. Once the data is in the internal storage, the potential increases for being ‘inter-operable’ with a larger family of uses.

ReSpecTh: Software enhancement could be required for using in visualisation or search within the ReSpecTh repository.

Other repositories: For the most part, other repositories do not impose requirements on the data format. The only interfacing ‘required’ is the meta-information, such as title, directory structure and keywords connected with the data file.

Visualisation: This is seen to be a primary task of ChemConnect (if not already done by other services within the consortium). A primary source of development costs could be enhancing the comparison of data.

Revisions: All funding agencies recognise that the definition of a encompassing data management plan is a fluid process and requirements and specifications can change within the course of a project.