Blakesley Parochial Charities


Mr Romer Adams 1 Hillcroft View Blakesley861171

Mrs Mary Barnett Blakesley C.E. Primary School860257

(Representing the Vicar during the interregnum)

Mrs Barbara Bird Corners, 10 Hillcroft View, Blakesley860377*

Mrs Christine Hill Stallturn, Woodend860293

Mrs Nicole Manners Christacorn House Main Street Woodend860452

Mrs Patricia Osborne Glebe Farm Woodend860268*

Mr Ian Spiby Willowbank, Quinbury End, Blakesley860580

Prof. Will Stewart 1 High Street, Blakesley860262

Mr John Weekley Blakesley Hall Lodge, Woodend860217*

Mr Derek Lucas (Secretary/Treasurer but not a Trustee)

Bradworthy Main Street Woodend860517*

The Vicar of Blakesley is the ex officio chair of the Trustees

*These trustees are signatories for cheques.

There are 3 Trustees from Woodend and they are appointed by the Woodend Meeting who will need to be asked to select another one when the need arises. 6 Trustees are from Blakesley and these are selected by Blakesley Parish Council. The current Vicar is always invited to be Chairman. A term of 4 years used to be served by the Trustees but at the moment, when a Trustee resigns for any reason, the local Parish body elects another one.


BPC hold two accounts with Lloyds TSB, Watling Street, Towcester. Sort Code 30-18-83

A/C No. 7014959 Business Instant Access Account

All monies received are paid into this account and when it is necessary to transfer funds to cover cheques, expenses etc., a letter is taken to the bank authorising this to take place and must be signed by two trustees. Alternatively the treasurer can manage this through the internet account access.

A/C No. 0097611Treasurers Account

This is the paying out account and any money required is transferred into this from the Instant Access Account

Following negotiations in 2008 neither account is subject to Bank charges.

Charities concerned

Bidford Charity

The Estate Charity of Alice Duchess Dudley (Reg. Charity No: 244804)

This is charitable trust was set up by Alicia, Duchess Dudley in the 17th century and the monies received come from various farmland and properties rented out. The Land Agent dealing with these is:

Roger Stone, FRICS FAAV

Land Agent, Chartered Surveyor

42 Bull Street

Birmingham B4 6AF

The BPC receives two cheques a year from this source, at the moment around £2353 each time but this does fluctuate a little depending on rent income, any necessary repairs etc. Cheques are usually received in June and December. These monies are paid into the general account of the BPC and used for Christmas Grants, Vouchers for community service and help agreed in case of individual need. Grants are also made for general environmental and community projects.

Foxley Charity

Charitable trust set up by Lady Katherine Leveson in the 17th century with three separate objects in mind, fund for widows, fund for apprenticing and a fund for the general poor.

Agent for this charity is:

Lane Fox

Land Management

15 Dyer Street


Glos. GL7 2PP

BPC receive one cheque a year from the Foxley Charity which is usually £1353. This money was left with the above 3 particular objects in mind and is used for widows pensions and student grants as the general poor already come under the Bidford Charity which has larger funds.

Bread Close Field

This is a piece of land in Banbury Lane, owned by the Charities for which title was granted by the Land Registry in December 2009. (Title Absolute 04.12.2009). The land was let to Norman Sheppard for many years (since at least 1974). This piece of land is near Mick Sheppard’s farm (on the road to Adstone from Blakesley) and is now rented by Mick Sheppard. Rent is charged at £250 p.a. and is paid 6 monthly in the sum of £112.50. The money is shared between the education and widows funds.

Cleaves Church Bread Charity

This money is invested by the CCLA Investment Management Ltd (COIF Charity Funds) and dividends are paid quarterly by them into the Instant Access Account of BPC.

BPC hold 301 units from Cleaves Poor Charities and 90 units from Cleaves Church Bread Charity.

This is also shared between education and widows. (About £160-170 p.a. in total)


One is usually held in late September/early October to discuss the education grants, with notices going into the newsletter, on the Blakesley and Woodend notice boards and the parish website (via Will Stewart) inviting applications in the applicant’s own handwriting stating age and any further education being undertaken. A larger sum (£200 in 2011) going to students in higher/further education and apprentices and a token payment to encourage those going on into the 6th form etc. (usually £25)

The other meeting is held in early December to discuss Christmas grants to widows and pensioners and gifts to those who have been very ill or in need. Vouchers on Browns shop are awarded to those who have made a contribution to the general community. Applications for the widows and pensioner grants only have to be made once and then follow on each year. Other requests for grants may be made at any time.

The Secretary/Treasurer attends the AGM of the Blakesley Parish Council each year and writes a short report and presents a balance sheet. The report and balance sheet are available for scrutiny in the village shop and with the Parish Clerk a short time before the AGM to allow for any questions at the AGM.


The widows pensions are paid out at the end of June and December each year by cheque.

Student grants are made in either late September/October each year by cheque. Christmas cheques are paid out before Christmas. The vouchers are also distributed at this time.

A meeting can be called or phone calls held with the Trustees if any extra requests for help are received or any Trustee knows of anyone in need who could be considered for financial help.