Local Links

Police: Northants

non-emergency tel 08453 700 700 (emergency 999)

Water: Anglian

Shop: Browns of Blakesley (shop & PO)

Mobile Library, First Thursday of the month at 11.30 in Church Street.

Village Networks help scheme for South Northamptonshire.

New Youth Information Directory for South Northamptonshire.

South Northants Volunteer Bureau has been working with the South Northamptonshire Youth Council to develop an on-line directory of activities and information sources for young people. This is now up and running with details of groups offering services to young people.


Local Doctors: Greens Norton Medical Centre

appointments: 01327 358287 , dispensary: 01327 359670

Bus services:

Heyfordian Travel (Banbury-Northampton, RL3)

County Connect

A5 Rangers cycling club (active around Blakesley)

Street Doctor (local road condition reporting)


Severe weather warnings for East Midlands can be found at:-

History of Railway local page

Will’s Heat Pump Blog

Other local Village sites:-



Green’s Norton