Blakesley History

Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour notesV2 June15R.pdf

Martin Marix Evans has done a superb job of filling out the list in Blakesley Church with many illustrated biographies of the men listed. You can download the full document by clicking on the picture on the left.

Blakesley Medal 1902

Peter Wadell, an old friend of Blakesley, has kindly supplied pictures of this unusual medal.

The Blakesley 1902 Coronation programme [ Blakesley now & then - PB. Kinston VolII 1985 ] says that medals were distributed after singing of songs by the school. Unfortunately it does not say to whom they were given. If it was just the school children, photographs of both the infants and senior school pupils in 1903 and 1914 only show the total number of pupils to be 60-70.

The medal is 38mm diameter, and only aluminium examples have been seen.