Center for Biomechatronics

The Center for Biomechatronics belongs to the Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito from 2016. There are three departments involved in this center: Biomedical Engineering (Agreement between Colombian School of Engineering and Rosario University), Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering.

This center works along with researchers all over the world combining engineering and health to develop research and innovation with various aims: on the one hand, to develop systems for rehabilitating and assisting functionalities in injured and disabled people; on the other hand, for exploring the possibility of augmenting sensory-motor capabilities of humans in general.

Nano, Hanzel & Cleese

The center is located on the 3rd floor of the engineering laboratories building of the Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito, I1-307. We are focus on the development of Biomechatronic systems, which integrates mechanisms, sensor integration, control strategies, human-robot interaction, biomechanical analysis and signal processing techniques.



On Tusday, November 21 there will be a free workshops session at Iberdiscap 2017. Our Center will participate with the Workshop Human-Robot Interaction Strategies for Rehabilitation based on Socially Assistive Robotics.

The objective of this theoretical-practical workshop is to collect the state of the art on the use of social robots in the rehabilitation environments. This event is aimed at students, engineers, and rehabilitation science and medical health professionals, who are interested in the application of social assistance robot during rehabilitation sessions.

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Iberdiscap 2017 is a scientific event that gathers researchers and professionals in the areas of ​​health, engineering and education, who are interested in the development of technology for the inclusion of disabled people.

During the event, advances in methodologies and technological developments in the field of rehabilitation will be shown, providing a complete framework of the improvements generated in assistance technology for people with cognitive and motor impairments.

To this end, research centers and groups, rehabilitation centers, special education institutions, universities, students and representatives of companies that develop assistance technology and rehabilitation in the field of disability are convened.

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