Journeyman Beekeeper

Journeyman Beekeeper

One who is a competent hobby beekeeper and who demonstrates the skills and knowledge to effectively do sideline beekeeping.


  • two years of beekeeping experience
  • hold Certified Beekeeper status for at least one year
  • pass the practical test where the candidate demonstrates the ability to:
    • identify anatomical structures of a bee and a flower
    • identify bee diseases
    • demonstrate theoretic knowledge of Integrated Pest Management and competence in its application
    • demonstrate competence in small-scale queen rearing
    • identify several beekeeping items and state their uses
    • distinguish between bees, wasps, hornets, and other non-bee insects
    • read pesticide labels and determine which is the safest to use around bees
  • pass the written test which includes materials covered during Institute lectures, labs, homework and assigned readings
  • Completion of 24 internship hours (see internship requirements).

For more information, see our Study Guide.

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