Courses and Workshops

Beekeeping Courses & Workshops

Hands-on experience can really make a difference!

Learn from experienced beekeepers who value your interest in learning how to safely and responsibly provide a healthy environment for your bees to prosper.

Because many of our courses & workshops have a hands-on component, as well as classroom and homework, most offerings are arranged so that the information provided coincides with the occurrences of the beekeeping year.

For this reason our class offerings are as seasonal as keeping bees is.

Successful completion of all course materials and attendance of lectures and hands-on sessions merits a certificate of completion for that course or workshop.

We currently offer over 200 hours of programming...

2 0 1 9 C l a s s S c h e d u l e

Not at Beekeeper?

Some of our offerings are for non-beekeepers too...

  • honey extraction & bottling
  • cooking with honey
  • making soaps
  • making salves, balms, lotions and body bars
  • candle making

Levels of Certification

There are three levels of course curriculum:

  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • advanced

These coincide with our levels of certification:

  • Certified Beekeeper
  • Journeymen Beekeeper
  • Master Beekeeper

For those who wish to pursue certification starting with the Certified Beekeeper and onward there are a set of requirements in addition to class attendance that must be met.

We are seeking accreditation as a Registered Trade School.